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echinacea image

echinacea: natural medicine

Echinacea is commonly referred to by various names which include: purple coneflower and American coneflower. Echinacea has nine variations and is indigenous to the United States and Canada only. Throughout the centuries, Echinacea has [...]

amaranth: diverse benefits

Amaranth is among one of the prettiest plants produced and often is referred to as ‘the bleeding plant of love” or some other likewise known name. Amaranth grows to its full potential within the fall months and has been highly [...]
chlorella image

chlorella: treats radiation & other things

Belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta family, chlorella is a green algae and is highly respected for its benefits to the human body. In its dried form it is amassed of proteins, carbohydrates, and many vitamins and minerals. Chlorella [...]
swiss chard picture

swiss chard: nutritional elements

Swiss chard is a much preferred staple leafy vegetable among the Mediterranean communities. In recent years however, it has also grown quite popular among other cultures for its flavorful root and leaves as well as its nutritional value. [...]