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quinoa: history, nutrition, & recipes

Grain crops that produce seeds have always been popular throughout regions because of their malleability, rich sources of vitamins and minerals, and their versatility when utilized in cooking. Quinoa is another harvest seed that is used [...]
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omega 3: fountain of youth?

Omega 3 supplements and foods enriched with them have a long history of being beneficial to the human body. Some people even argue that this supplement essentially serves as a modern day fountain of youth because of the multitude of benefits [...]
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ginseng: the original 5 hr energy?

A member of the Panax plant family, ginseng is found within the Northern Hemisphere and is very popular with Asian and Chinese cultures. For years convenient stores in the US offered ginseng supplements on countertops for spontaneous purchase [...]
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spirulina: pros and cons

Spirulina is found in numerous forms to include tablets, powders, flakes and as dietary pill supplements. Most notably those who take spirulina take it as a supplement, while a smaller population consumes it in whole food form. Small and [...]
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chia seeds: referred to as magical

Chia seeds, otherwise known particularly within the Hispanic communities as Salvia hispanica are a naturally grown plant that is in the mint family. Historically chia seeds date back to the 16th century and can be linked to the Aztec and [...]

miso: literally hundreds of uses

Miso has long been one of the most popular spices in Japanese culture. It is made by fermenting rice and barley and also adding other seasoning such as salt and pepper. Soy is also a staple ingredient of miso and is what gives it the bitter [...]