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miso: literally hundreds of uses

Miso has long been one of the most popular spices in Japanese culture. It is made by fermenting rice and barley and also adding other seasoning such as salt and pepper. Soy is also a staple ingredient of miso and is what gives it the bitter [...]
chlorella image

chlorella: treats radiation & other things

Belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta family, chlorella is a green algae and is highly respected for its benefits to the human body. In its dried form it is amassed of proteins, carbohydrates, and many vitamins and minerals. Chlorella [...]
goji image

goji: “immense healing properties”

Goji berry (most notably known as the wolfberry) has its roots deep within the Chinese culture and is part of the Lycium barbarum family. It's known for its sheer beauty, a flowering plant that exhibits remarkable colors first in lavender [...]
wakame image

wakame: many nutritional benefits

Wakame whose Latin name is Undaria pinnatifida is seaweed that is popular among Korean cultures and is often used in salads and soups. When cooked, it offers a sweet taste and is derived from areas such as Korea and Japan. Although long [...]
swiss chard picture

swiss chard: nutritional elements

Swiss chard is a much preferred staple leafy vegetable among the Mediterranean communities. In recent years however, it has also grown quite popular among other cultures for its flavorful root and leaves as well as its nutritional value. [...]